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Has it really been 20 years? [May. 1st, 2009|03:30 pm]
Because it has passed by so quickly, you would never think it. And I look as good as ever which helps. You've already read a little about my exciting life through Alex and Zeke. But now, here's the real details.

I did in fact travel for a few years with Alex. Richie and I split up at the end of the year after high school, it wasn't fair if I wasn't gonna be around to keep him waiting for me. We spoke regularly, and when I fell pregnant and moved back to Malibu, we met up and we were together for a while, but he was career focused and I was going to be a mom. So, we remained close friends but went our separate ways. He got my dad's job as president of their company when my dad retired a few years ago.

My son Dylan is 15 now, 16 in a few weeks. He was still little when I met up with Zeke again and we were together for 6 years and happily married until I decided I finally wanted to go to college. I got so caught up in it, that I let him fall to the side. I never stopped loving him, but I pushed him away and we got divorced. He's like Dylan's other dad though, they're close and Dylan visits him a lot. Dylan is close to Alex too, he's just like his father, which of course makes Ales proud. And he's the absolute image of him. Identical to Alex when we were in high school.

Alex and I are still friends, I got my degree in business and I own a bar next to Alex's club. I also have a beauty salon. I sold my Malibu house a few years ago for somewhere bigger. I don't have any other kids and I'm still single. I live with my son, and mine and Zeke's other dog Meg. I work hard, and I love to relax. I'm still me. Just a bit older.

See you all on Saturday

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